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Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's More fun In Misamis Oriental

Sagpolon Falls

What a nice and a wonderful falls in Sagpolon falls at Jasaan Misamis Oriental
Beautiful spot, a nice and good place for visitors who want to be visit there. It was nice here and make your self fun, better you will bring together with your family to swim in this falls a clear and nice place here.

some visitors coming from other places were get good comments about this place, that they will be back as soon they have time to enjoy and have fun with their friends and family. A place you really like to, bring your friends and family here. It takes you fun in all time when you have been there.

It is more upgrading and take you a beautiful spot and in international fall in time. A peace and hospitality of people are the one why this falls are now known to other people even in other country. They have visitors coming from other country which they already here and they take photo and enjoying moments. A high cliff mountain which you cant take a picture in whole are for being higher mountain. you can take half of mountain only just to take water falls.

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