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Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's More fun In Misamis Oriental

Sagpolon Falls

What a nice and a wonderful falls in Sagpolon falls at Jasaan Misamis Oriental
Beautiful spot, a nice and good place for visitors who want to be visit there. It was nice here and make your self fun, better you will bring together with your family to swim in this falls a clear and nice place here.

some visitors coming from other places were get good comments about this place, that they will be back as soon they have time to enjoy and have fun with their friends and family. A place you really like to, bring your friends and family here. It takes you fun in all time when you have been there.

It is more upgrading and take you a beautiful spot and in international fall in time. A peace and hospitality of people are the one why this falls are now known to other people even in other country. They have visitors coming from other country which they already here and they take photo and enjoying moments. A high cliff mountain which you cant take a picture in whole are for being higher mountain. you can take half of mountain only just to take water falls.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Balingasag Misamis Oriental Port de Sunset

A moment passing by the Sunset

A Sunset in place of peace spirit which fall you down and watch in every sun going down to the sea. Reflecting the gold color of the ocean from down to up that compose by the sky. People looked upon us and have peace of mind to replace the moment were it be. Sunset could be heal you the moment you watch it, make an expression about what was the nature bring about. A nature that can pick some good moment and memories that it will always remind you by the time when you need peace. The moment will take you all the time were you wan to be. and reminding all the past that you missed up. Hard to accept about what we lost before and what was all about, that you may not wanted to remind the moment will you passing by. Why do people forget it? even it always been remind, pretending to be what they are and saying yes! "It's me" and "that's me" "I do good about that". But when they try to do alone it will reveal about who they really are, a moment that they most worst experience in all.

We do things to them that we don't really want it, we pretending to be like that we don't really like. But when it took back to you it will get angry all about. Experience once recall it will be make more advantage to you and bring you most learn on it. And it is your bonus to have your experience mostly the wrong one. Take you to be the best than before and grace you for your time and moment. Accept lost, lose and you will gain victory with smooth and plain by doing good to your new achievement in your life. Let them go the things that makes you worst and fail, think all the time about what is good and bad. Always be in your mind and always trust your self only nor to other people even people whom your around.

Let your self be praise the true and one creator and only worship him, don't asked anything because he gave you always even you didn't asked he can give anything just for you. Be the best among to them and always do good things that he like you. All you need is prepare always because he watches you in a moment when you sleep and awake. Look before who you are and improve things that need you to up. Give them and don't wait back for you to them, Be with your family and raise them from their tangle life. Care always what was the future will come and what will happens if you do now and things happened after. Let them watch you and let them  know that God is for real and He is really alive inside our hearts.

No matter how sagged we are in all our troubles, He will always light our way and guide our path into a direction which will never be defeated in our daily circumstances. We should be prayerful and thankful to Lord almighty God for He is truly the  amazing God that helps us in any situation.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Sagpolon Falls

Summer day vacation Together with my friends, we've been look for new spot for the vacation. So we choose Sagpolon Falls in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental which a beautiful and nice place. We hanging around and enjoy the moment that we were be there. It surrounding by the lake and it has huge pools down that falls, a 200m high that it is nice to put your self in falling water in to your body, it take you a massage into all your body and it's really good to do that. There so many tourist who been there too, that they really like to swim, dive and taking picture in that place. A cool place which is an agricultural area, with surrounding by the giant trees. Down the waters has so many fish that you will enjoy to watch, that local government who maintain that area is watching all the time to all visitors who been there to not allowed to take any fish or do bad things in that place. Because some people who live there is they believe that this place is a Holly and miracle to them. They have an ritual in every day in particular place, and they always reminding the people that do not get any such bad things or do any things in the place. 

It's takes you to enjoy all the time when you been there, to look around and it has wonderful blue water to swim. It easy to come that place it because people in that area were be friendly and nice of hospitality. They are proud of their place because of that good and beautiful spot like Sagpolon falls. I remember before that I once hear about Sagpolon falls, About rumors that it has so many happened there. Lots of people who've missing and they not found anymore during when they visit in Sagpolon falls. That was the time that Sagpolon not develop and rarely seen by the few people. They think that Sagpolon Falls is one of the favorite camp of Japanese who been take and camp in long time during world war 2. They believe that Japanese will be put gold in under the Sagpolon falls and the time when all Japanese need to surrender they were bring killed their own self and having ritual to a particular place. They were hundreds of them to bring suicide their own self, it was people who live there to told about the history of Sagpolon Falls.

Today New generation Sagpolon were been developing by the Government ant they were like to bring and shout to the world that Sagpolon falls was here and nice place to visit. It is one of tho most beautiful falls in a new campaign of the Philippines which "It's more fun in the Philippines" It take lots tourists who always visit here and they really like to stay and take vacation with the family. Now as a Filipino people who was once love and like this place too is like to encourage people who want to visit here that you will not get any problem here. You will enjoy all the time and have fun together with your friends and family. I promote this place because I know and I was been there that true you will gain good and nice when you visit here. I truly like here and enjoy at all, wish you been there and take a look to the place were I mention it. Just find this place were the Philippines wanted you to visit his lots of province like Sagpolon, You can travel start from Philippines going to Mindanao, drop in Cagayan de Oro City and move Jasaan Misamis oriental that take you 1 hour to travel. And you can ask people there about Sagpolon Falls then it will take you where that place is.

Sagpolon Falls a good and beautiful spot in the Philippines to take you it's more fun the Philippines.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015



I was born here in Balingasag, a place were my family born too. Were a natural native people here, a good views which an agricultural land. It is perfect to those people who really like hiking, adventure, visiting or have fun in all. You can view kinds of land form here, a sea water with nice and beautiful waves and nice forms of beach's. Rivers and Lake that waters flows from Mountain above. Trees and lots kinds of Plants were you can see here in place, a solid and Flat forms of land looks like clay soil. This place were celebrate a fiesta in January at every third Sunday of the month every year. It's to celebrate Sr. Sto Nino for that fiesta that people are really debuted to the celebration.

People who live and native to this area are good and kind, They are much more hospitality to those visitors who come. A beautiful and handsome people who always smiled to the visitors and good to be friends. People here are educated because of lots Colleges schools here. Living here are not to be worry because you can be and easy what ever you want, fishing, mountaineering are all in here. People here is love to play sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Takraw, Soccer and Baseball which the most played to the Youth today. They have tournament in every year to take who tough in every Barangay's

Mostly people are members of Catholic and other few are Born Again, and Muslims. But all are equal by living to this place and they are good neighbors to each other. A safe place were you really like it, that you can stay long if you visit here. This place were getting and upcoming to be city soon, because of a good condition and grow up for the terms of Era. Mayor are going to develop the road or ways in this place into 4 lanes road. Just to prepare to become city soon. A lots of businesses here and other are ongoing to build while others are planing to put their business. It is because of perfect place for the business. Balingasag are compose of 31 barangay's which every barangy's have a nice and remarkable place that you may remember after yo visit.

You can check where the place it is, It's start from Philippines going to Mindanao then look to Cagayan de Oro City and travel to a place were I mention that a Beautiful and good place which Balingasag Misamis Oriental. You can travel from Cagayan de Oro City to here in just 1 hour. It is easy to find this place because of a good road to travel in. Living here for awhile is not problem because you can rental house or stay in Hotel, motel and Apartment where ever you want. I would like to invite you to come and visit here in our place. Just to remember the name Balingasag Misamis Oriental.