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Friday, June 5, 2015

Boy Scout Of The Philippines


This was during jamboree at Tagoloan Misamis Oriental, we came at first day to held jamboree and we were be on the field were boyscout to be placed. It was clean wide area just for the delegates from other schools in part of Mindanao. I was one of the volunteer Officer to help boyscout admin to held the events. So I check the area about what was the situation just in case. so this is it a hide and plot place in Tagoloan Misamis Oriental.

It was 5:30 in the morning just were in place to be held the jamboree

This was the parking area for the delegates vehicles

This was the side part of the area where the jamboree placed

left Side part

 View from the top of the mountain

Our base where some stuff get rest are in far away from the placed were jamboree held, so we need to walk 1 km away just to go in place at events. were base in Tagoloan Elementary School.

It was views from the area to the mountain were that mountain is part of the events. that boyscout will walk and get some experience about to walk in the mountain.

This was the vendors part at side at the area of the held events, we were just buy some staff for just remembrance that we were be in this place and we were be at this events. A lot of remembrance that you can choose, they have t-shirt stop toys were the trade mark are boyscout logos.

parking lot side

I just buy little key-chain with boyscout trade mark 

This store was own by friend of mine, It was so coincidence that they were here to sell some staff. I saw him when my co-officers told me that he knew this guy then I came and surprise him that we were here too. then we talking too much about fast and enjoy watching to their some good staff.

The Administrator of Boy scout of the Philippines it just a picture of Vice President Binay and Governor Pelaez

marching with Boyscout going to the mountain for the hike events

Formation of the Officers of high rank BoyScout

Another Boyscout Delegates from other schools having their formation for the daily task

A call to unite to all Scout at all delegates

Marching for a daily task

We were make bamboo light for the use in evening event were all Scouts will use it. together with other student volunteer.



A call to all Scout for new task of the day

High rank Officers

Introducing their schools where they came from.

It takes 5000 student were been there and represent to be as a Boy scout of the Philippines

Stuff of the Boy scout of the Philippines  was enjoying taking picture with background of all delegates. 

Snack time together with my co-Officers

This was so fun, a Pepsi Product where going to down because there was an blackout interruption at the time. That staff is need of power to blow an air to maintain stand but the power down and it takes slow going melt couse out of air. so take picture to not late to have it in fun.

This was our base far away from the Events held it takes 1k to hike from here. we were just work at 3 days and 2 night for the jamboree Events. This was our team for the 10 teams in all.

One of the Officers who representing his task for the Boyscout who will do it after him and we will support and help to those scout need of help.

Formation to bring their Banners of each schools delegates


This task called Team Building were the scouts stick together and try this balls not to drop and get it from below to up without dropping the balls moving only the tie connected to the scout hand and slowly moving to get out this balls in safe.

Team Building

You can do what ever team but just keep it touch that the balls not to drop. all you need is from the top position it needs to make your team to down and those down position balls will get into the top.

Taking picture with Stuff and Student stuff represented

Signing  off Ceremony held at Tagoloan Colleges far away to the events were the place in center of tagoloan

Yeah we enjoy alot by taking this volunteer as an Officers of Boy Scout of the Philippines